Let your style evolve

Genial Larco the brand from Aumentar Biz Solutions aspires to provide the costumers with thoughtfully designed products and unparalleled customer services. We design and produce durable, luxurious and beautiful leather and style and cater to every age for the textile soft goods quality focused people. The company portfolio includes product lines that range from affordable and mass-market to luxurious. Every handcrafted piece of Genial Larco footwear and accessories is an expression of fine individuality.


Each Genial Larco product is a form of prudent design with simple yet aesthetic concept in mind, to create not only functional products but that is contemporary and enduring.


Only skilled artisans are trusted with the creation of Genial Larco impeccable leather pieces. Most of it is done by hand. We believe handmade process is an unspoken way to express sincere passion.


Our vision is to be a global name synonymous with high quality, genuine leather and to provide our customers with best quality materials and experience happiness from their satisfaction.



AUMENTAR BIZ SOLUTIONS is a trading company established and registered in 2018 with its main office located in Bangalore, India. We have been in the global market for more than 2 decades. Our business ventures spread across China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Tanzania, and Kenya etc.

The company’s brand portfolio includes product lines that range from affordable and mass-market to luxurious, high-end style and cater to every age group, from children and youth to men and women. The company is defined by its leather brand – GENIAL LARCO, that personifies style, luxury, and comfort.

Free Shipping

Your order can be shipped to you with absolutely no shipping or handling charges to any address. This can make quite a difference in your overall cost of an item.

Order Return

We make returns easy. We want you to go for a trial run with your new products, confidently knowing you can easily return your purchases for any reason within 30 days.

Cash On Delivery

You can use our Cash on Delivery (CoD) facility. It allows you to pay your invoice amount in cash at the time of actual delivery to your doorstep.

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